Meeting at: The Refectory, Norwich Cathedral on Wednesdays at 7.25am



Membership is yearly and runs from June to June, although you can join at anytime.




The fees are simple £240 per year and then £40 per month for breakfast and room hire.


The events we organise are usually funded from 'the pot'.




The group offers support to each other in most business matters. We glean information on products and services that would normally filter through over a number of months. Surely it's better to hear news early and act on it before your competition?


Try before you buy


You have the unique opportunity to have four breakfasts 'on us' we don't expect you to pay! See how you feel about the members and make an informed decision. No pressure!


What's expected of you?


Well this is easy really, members will push you and your business. Help them to understand your services and products. You will have a weekly opportunity to stand up for a minute to spread the word! Once in a while you'll be offered a ten minute slot. Being given this slot really informs the group of what you do and should bring you more business.


You will also be asked to bring a guest every now and then to an organised event or breakfast - this broadens the groups base of people and contacts.



These are never pushed too hard like franchised groups. There is no point in making up referrals because you need one each week!


It is very easy to sit and wait for customers to come and find you, maybe they’ll stumble through a pile of ‘google answers’ or flick through a local directory? What better way to get more business than to have up to 25 people pushing your name to their existing contacts? Careful though….we wouldn’t want you to be too busy!



Meet the members,

have a chat and

do some business!



Each year we change our Chair, a member is proposed by the group. This is a very rewarding role. A fair amount of time is needed for the role but there are past Chairs and members to assist in the role. You may choose a charity and get the group behind fundraising events or you may steer the group to a particular sector of business to generate leads for the members.



Past 'Chairs'

Damien Ives

Chair 2018

Mark Foley


Founder Member

Chris Cooper


Founder Member

Barney Phillips


Founder Member

Mark Overton


Brian Bush


Elliot Symonds


Steve Finney


Ellen Webster, Chair of 25am Networking Group
Elliot Symonds 25am Chairman 2016

Ellen Webster

Chair 2014

Alice Rose

Chair 2015

Elliot Symonds

Chair 2016

Steve Finney

Chair 2017