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Workplace pressure – is it affecting your life or business?


At Beechmount, Dr. Gerry Virgo and I offer a range of stress-related services to help businesses implement the HSE (UK) Management Standards for tackling work-related pressure.  Our stress reduction programmes include on-site audits, group and individual coaching.  We also offer line managers and supervisors skills training to enable them to assess and reduce the stress risks to their teams.  Managing workplace pressure proactively has a positive impact on workplace absence, promotes well-being and protects the organisation from potential litigation.


Beechmount also offers a face-to-face psychotherapy service to help you rediscover that you are resourceful and capable.  We are specialists in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.  This UK Dept of Health approved treatment effectively addresses post-traumatic stress symptoms and helps in managing anger and anxiety.  We combine EMDR with talking therapy to help clients cope with difficult experiences and emerge as stronger people.

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